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Friday, December 17, 2010

My kawaii DS

Hurray it's Friday finally! Time for relaxing, sitting at home doing nothing, anime watching, computer playing, mindlessly looking around the mall, and of corse blogging! ;D Sorry I havnt blogged in like umm forever! No more like a week :3  I really dont know what to blog about XD soooo i took pictures of my super fun friend who LOVES playing games her name is DS! Here she is! I put stickers and stuff on her so she looks kawaii!
 TA-DA!!! Kawaii right? : 3 
 Cinnamoroll cell phone charm it has a bell *ring ring* 
 I use a broken macanical pencil for my stylist 
 Heres the kitty ^.^ 
I LOVE U! tehe <3  Thats the inside of her :D  I'm in picto chat oh yeah!!!1!!!1!! chatting to my self.... XD I wish DS had like a 10 mile distance so you could chat with friends but I do have a cell phone that works too XD I hoped you liked my DS keep on visiting I LOVE YOU lol :3 


  1. Oh wow that is so cute! I have the same ds as you, but without the stickers! :p

  2. I tried to cute-ify my DS just like yours, would you like to take a look?


  3. cute! I love your blog and all the cuteness put into it ><

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